Flat Steel U-Bolts with Short Pipe Saddle

Flat steel U-bolt with plastic pipe saddle / saddle (short) and U-profile type FB+RUK (only suitable for use as fixed-point clamps). For common diameters of between 48.3 and 521 millimeters (1 3/4"-20"). Complete clamp consisting of 1 flat steel U-bolt (type FB), 1 plastic pipe saddle (type RUK), 1 U-profile (according to DIN 1026) and two hexagon nuts (according to DIN EN ISO 4032) and 2 hexagon head bolts (according to DIN EN ISO 4 014 / 4017). Manufactured from uncoated steel, galvanized, blue-chromatised steel. Alternatively also available in stainless steel V4A 1.4401 / 1.4571 (AISI 316 / 316 Ti). Pipe saddle material: polypropylene PP and polyamide PA. Horizontal or suspended fixing of tubes on steel beams, profiles and brackets. The design with two threads enables them to be adapted ideally to the precise outer diameter of the tubes.

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