STAUFF Hydraulic Pressure Testing Kits

Pressure Testing Kits are ideal for servicing and maintaining hydraulic systems to more accurately ensure performance reliability.

STAUFF Pressure Testing Kits

STAUFF Pressure Testing Kits are available in three versions with an assortment of our most popular pressure testing components. Everything required for instant pressure checking is included in one compact box. Gauges are safely nestled in the Ethafoam® cushion and hoses fit neatly in the lid. Choose a kit with one, two, or three different hydraulic pressure test gauges supplied complete with a variety of pressure test points, adaptors, and hoses. STAUFF Test Couplings, once installed, allow the customer to connect safely under pressure without the need to shut down the hydraulic system.

STAUFF Pressure Testing Kits are also available with digital gauges, for easy testing in any hydraulic system. 

Components In STAUFF Pressure Testing Kits 

All STAUFF Pressure Testing Kits, come complete with a pressure gauge(s) and additional accessories to ensure the secure connection of all components and accurate performance of the tests.

  1. Pressure Gauge(s): STAUFF offers a variety of simple pressure measuring devices for liquid and gaseous media in analog or digital displays. These pressure gauges can be used in stationary and portable devices. 
  2. Gauge Adaptors: They allow for the seamless connection of the pressure gauge to various points in a hydraulic system, ensuring testing can take place in a secure fashion. 
  3. Reducing Adaptors: These adaptors allow for a connection between different thread sizes, making sure that a test can be conducted no matter the thread size or type. 
  4. Test Hose: A 6-foot test hose is included to better connect systems for accurate testing. 
  5. Test Couplings: They allow machine operators and maintenance personnel to connect measuring and display devices easily and safely for the temporary testing or continuous monitoring of system pressure and other factors. They also allow venting of the system and the ability to collect fluid samples if needed. They offer vibration protection features, easy and tool free installation, and come with a variety of different caps to ensure protection from contamination. 

Analog Pressure Testing Kits

STAUFF uses state of the art SPG bourdon tube analog pressure gauges in STAUFF Pressure Testing Kits. The glycerin filled gauges offer vibration dampening and temperature controlling, to make sure the testing results are easily accessible without any inconveniences blocking the readings. They are available in various connection ports to fit many installation needs. The analog pressure gauges are primarily designed for permanent installation. These Pressure Testing Kits come with up to 3 pressure gauges and their corresponding accessories that can fit tubes, pipes, and hoses with up to 4 inches in diameter. 

Digital Pressure Testing Kits

The STAUFF Digital Pressure Testing Kits come equipped with digital pressure gauges, especially good for testing oils, lubricants, and water. STAUFF offers a specific version of the digital pressure gauge with a USB port that can store up to 10 readings in its internal data memory. It can then be transferred to a PC using the supplied mini-USB cable and can be viewed in .csv file format. 

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The complete range of products from STAUFF includes more than 50,000 individual standard hydraulic components in 10 product groups. STAUFF also guarantees prompt service for custom-designed systems and special solutions according to customers' requirements. 

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