Livestream: STAUFF Innovations and Highlights

Recording of the ğŸŽ¬ STAUFF Livestream on 16 November 2021

Product Specialist for Pipework and Systems

Product Specialist for Pipework and Systems

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Looking back: Almost 60 years ago, the STAUFF story in fluid power and hydraulics starts with a ground-breaking innovation, the STAUFF clamp. Over the decades, STAUFF continues to deliver and presents countless of new products and services, that make significant contributions to the ongoing development of the hydraulics industry.

And this development is far from over ...

In this exclusive STAUFF Livestream on Tuesday, 16 November 2021, the experts and product specialists in the STAUFF studio presented and demonstrated a selection of the latest innovations and highlights in the comprehensive STAUFF product range.

Recordings are now available online and can be played without downloading directly on your computer at any time. By entering your contact details, you will get immediate access to the recorded livestreams in English and German.