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STAUFF Hydraulic Hoses

STAUFF Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are rubber or thermoplastic hoses with the main function of transmitting hydraulic fluid through a system. Compared to pipes, hydraulic hoses are flexible, allowing for more movement. They are built to endure components movements without resistance, while still providing stability and discipline within a hydraulic system. 


A hydraulic hose is constructed with four main parts to ensure protection, safety of the system and the surrounding environments, and efficiency. The tube, or inner lining, is the main channel that distributes the flow of the hydraulic fluids. Around the tube is a reinforcement layer, made of textile or steel wire material, functions as a pressure and impulse resistance, allowing for stability to occur while the hose is in use. The intermediate layers offer protection of the reinforming layer, ensuring that it is not damaged and continues to control stability. The hose cover protects the hose from environmental factors such as UV rays, extreme weather, and other extreme factors. This layer allows the hose the ability to function at its peak in challenging environments, while still ensuring a stable and reliable function. The hose itself is connected to the hydraulic system using nipples and ferrules. The ferrule allows for a leak free connection between the hose and the nipple, ensuring that when the nipple is installed there is a seamless transmission of fluid power throughout the hydraulic system. 


A hydraulic hose offers easy installation in tight spaces due to its flexibility. Due to their material composition, they are cost effective and available in longer lengths. This allows for less components being connected from port to port, creating less connections and less leak points. Because there are multiple layers of protection from the tube itself, hoses tend to be less vulnerable to corrosion. 


STAUFF Hoses are designed and manufactured for pressures ranging from low to ultra-high (up to 58,000 PSI). The hoses are compatible for a wide range of applications including hydraulic, industrial, chemical, and utility. The full range of STAUFF Hoses are suitable for mineral and synthetic oil based hydraulic fluids, oil water emulsions, water glycol solutions, and vegetable and mineral based lubricants. Other fluids such as chlorinated hydrocarbons and phosphated esters are not suitable for STAUFF Hoses. Hydraulic hoses are suitable with air pressure up to 725 PSI/175ºF. It is important to ensure that the proper inner tube is the correct material for the substance being transmitted, whether it be oil, air, or water. If the wrong material is used in an application damage and failure will occur or the hose will be destroyed. 


There are several different hose types offered by STAUFF, each manufactured to meet industry standards and offer quality, reliability, and efficiency. Rubber/elastomeric hoses are the most common and range between low to high pressures, making them more flexible than other hose offerings. Rubber hoses are resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and temperature, making them versitile and cost effective with a long service life. They will typically have a steel wire reinforcement and a choice between spiral or braid layer(s). Thermoplastic hoses have higher performance and reliability rates compared to rubber hoses; however they differ in the fact that they have a tighter bend radius and are not as flexible. These hoses are available in different colors allowing for applications that require non-conductive materials. Thermoplastic tubes are thinner and more compact and therefore are lighter weight than other hoses, making the option of bonding hoses together possible. STAUFF also offers market specific hoses for applications including pressure washing, railway, paint spray, and sewer jet. 


STAUFF Hydraulic Hoses offer braided and spiral reinforcement layers dependent on the requirements of a hydraulic system. The braided reinforcement layer allows for more flexibility with a tight bend radius, however it is not suited for high pressure applications. The spiral reinforcement layer on the other hand is a stiff hose that is more ridged in design and is made for high pressure applications. 

STAUFF Hose Offerings

  • Hydraulic Hoses 
  • High Pressure Hoses 
  • Pressure Wash Hoses 
  • Rail Hoses 
  • Thermoplastic Hoses
  • PTFE Hoses 
STAUFF Hose Connectors
STAUFF Hose Connectors

Along with supplying custom and ready to ship hydraulic hoses, STAUFF also offers a wide range of hose connectors. Original STAUFF Hose Connectors consist of swage ferrules and hose inserts in different versions for single-layer, double-layer, and multi-layer braided, spiral, and textile hoses. 

STAUFF Hose Connector Product Range

ECOVOS Hose Connectors

The ECOVOS range of hose connectors are available in three different variations, crafted to be compatible with a variety of different applications and environments. 

The ECOVOS hose connectors are made of carbon steel and feature the STAUFF Zinc Nickel Surface Coating, offering a layer of additional protection from corrosion and abrasion. This system of hose connectors enable crimping of many different hose types including 1SN, 2SN, 1ST, 2ST, 1SC, 2SC, 1SN-K, 2SN-K, 2TE, 3TE, 4SP, SPC3, and 4SH. The use of one hose insert is necessary when using the ECOVOS range, allowing for the reduction of individual components by an estimated 45%. Included in this range are skive and non-skive swage ferrules, straight inserts, 45º elbow inserts, and 90º elbow inserts, all offered in common connection types. 

The ECOVOS VA range of hose connectors provide the same benefits of the standard range of ECOVOS Hose Connectors, however these are offered in Stainless Steel. 

The ECOVOS+ Range, offers a mobile interlocking protection that turns standard ECOVOS components into interlocking hose connectors. STAUFF offers, for larger requirements, the ability to manufacture hose connectors and the interlocking protection as a singular part with integrated securing rings. 


MULTIVOS Hose Connectors

MULTIVOS Hose Connectors are engineered for high pressure applications. Made of carbon steel these connectors come equipped with the STAUFF Zinc Nickel Surface Coating adding an extra layer of excellent surface protection, especially important for maintaining a long service life for high pressure application hose assemblies. They are compatible with two types of hoses including 4SH/4SP and R15 according to EN 856 and SAE 100 R15. Included in this range are skive swage ferrule for spiral hoses, straight inserts, 45º elbow inserts, and 90º elbow inserts, all offered in common connection types. 

POWERVOS Hose Connectors

POWERVOS Hose Connectors are an advanced design of the MULTIVOS Hose Connectors. Engineered for high pressure applications, these connectors are crafted using high performance materials to withstand high impulses, especially for hammer/breaker operations in construction equipment in quarries. They are compatible with two hose types including 4SH/AS and R15/AS. Included in this range are straight inserts with female nut thread and a 24º taper/O-ring, UN/UNF thread and 74º conical bore, and a female BSPP thread and 60º taper/O-ring. 

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