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Discover STAUFF's Quick Release Couplings: Making Connections That Count

A Quick Release Coupling (QRC) is a coupling used to provide a fast, make-or-break connection of fluid transfer lines. They replace threaded or flanged connections and can be operated solely by hand without relying on wrenches or other tools for assembly. Because of the self-sealing valves, QRCs will automatically contain hydraulic fluid in the line when disconnected. Quick Release Couplings are quick and easy to connect and disconnect making the install/removal process efficient in the toughest of environments. They are commonly used in mobile equipment that requires quick changes of hydraulic attachments. 

QRCs consist of two distinct parts:

  1. A female coupling, also referred to as a body or a socket, which can be push or thread to connect.
  2. A male coupling, also referred to as a plug or a nipple.

STAUFF acquired Voswinkel in 2015, one of the world's top five producers of quick release couplings. In 1975, Voswinkel pioneered its line of couplings, fittings, and tube systems. Since the acquisition, STAUFF has consistently retained and promoted the Voswinkel brand. 

STAUFF QRCs are offered in a variety of different materials to ensure there is a quick release coupling for the most challenging of environments. 

  • Carbon steel QRC's have a strong surface hardness and are resistant to corrosion after surface treatment and are magnetic. Many styles of the carbon steel QRCs have a zinc/nickel coating which offers excellent surface protection against rust and corrosion. 
  • Stainless Steel QRC's have a high resistance to corrosion, have a strong hardness, and are only limited magnetic. These type of QRC's are applicable for aggressive substances and can withstand pressures up to 10,000 PSI. 
  • Brass QRC's are resistant to corrosion and are especially applicable for air pressure and water as a flow medium. They are nonmagnetic and resistant to organic fluids and have excellent surface quality. These QRC's are suited for temperatures of -325°F to 400°F and can withstand pressures up to 3000 PSI. They are malleable, however very durable.

The 2 Basic Types of QRC's

  • Full Flow or Straight Through Couplings 
    • These are the easiest to manufacture of all the QRCs. For these specific couplings, there cannot be any system pressure during the connection assembly. They allow for the system to drain at disconnection. 
  • Double Shut-Off Couplings 
    • For these QRCs, both couplings have a valve to stop the flow of fluid. 
      • The poppet valve couplings are easy to manufacture and are widely used in systems designed to be removed in service. During disconnection, there is minimal but significant leaking. 
      • The flat faced couplings are more complex to manufacture, however they deliver more benefits compared to their counterparts. These couplings have little to no leakage at the connect-disconnect points. Certain designs can include the function of connection under pressure. 

The 3 Types of QRC's STAUFF Offers

  • Push-to-Connect Couplings 

    • Poppet Valves: HP/UX Series, IA Series, IA-VA Series, HU Series, IB Series, IB-VA Series, IB-MS Series, ID/IS Series 

    • Flat Valves: FH/FF Series, FH-VA Series, FU Series, BP Series, FO-VA Series, HC/HD Series

  • Screw-to-Connect Couplings 

    • Poppet Valves: HS Series, HS-VA Series, PS Series, HR Series, HH Series, HH-VA Series, HI Series, HT Series, HV Series

    • Flat Valves: FT Series, RK/RH Series, HM Series

  • Multi-Couplings 

    • MK Series


Color Ring Availability 

If there are multiple identical or similar QRC's being used in a vehicle, machine, or system, there is a risk of confusion differentiating the various connections. STAUFF offers color marking rings that are easy to install and do not conflict with the usability or the efficiency of the QRC.

These color marking rings are available for QRC's in the FF Series, FC Series, HP Series, HS Series, RH Series, and the FG Series.

They are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which is a lightweight and elastic material. It has good abrasion and wear resistance paired with high resilience. As a standard, all male tips and female bodies from the specific series stated above have specific grooves for easy visibility on the external locations. The color rings can be easily installed in the specified grooves without the use of any tools. Currently, red, black, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, and gray are the available colors for the color rings. Two-toned color marking is also available, if one connection can be used for several hydraulic lines. 

It is increasingly important for the successful use of the QRCs that they are covered properly when they are not being used. Dust guards and plugs are available to help prevent contamination from occurring and destroying the integrity of your hydraulic systems. 

Color Ring Availability

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