STAUFF Offline Filters Provide A Continuous Flow Of Clean Oil

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WALDWICK, NJ — STAUFF Offline Filters continuously filter Gearbox or Hydraulic Oil using Radial Micro Filtration. Particles as small as 0.5 micron are removed resulting in less downtime and repairs.

STAUFF off line filters raised the standard for hydraulic and lubrication system oil cleaning technology to levels not previously possible with conventional methods. An integrated motor/pump unit draws the oil through the filter and pumps clean oil back into the system. Off-Line Filter Units can continue to work even when the main system is not in use.

Offline filters available with one, two or four filter housings and in two different lengths. All Off-Line Filter Systems are available with air driven motors. These units are ideal for areas where electric power is unavailable or for hazardous locations.

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