STAUFF Desiccant Breathers Help Prevent Gear Drive Corrosion

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WALDWICK, NJ — STAUFF SDB Gearbox Desiccant Breathers remove corrosive moisture and hazardous vapors.

When air flows through a gearbox breather, it can introduce moisture into the system. Temperature fluctuations cause the water in the air to condense, which can cause corrosion on the drive gears and oxidize the oil. This can eventually leads to serious damage of system components and cause expensive downtime.

With STAUFF SDB desiccant breathers, air first passes through a drying agent of non-toxic gel to remove moisture and then through a replaceable air filter element with a micron rating of 3 μm to remove particulate matter.

As moisture is absorbed, the drying agent will gradually change from red to orange. When it is orange, replace the drying agent.

With an optional spring-loaded check valve, the drying agent will be isolated from the atmosphere unless inhaling or exhaling, which increases the lifetime of the Desiccant Air Breather SDB-CV as well.

The highly absorbent activated carbon material in the desiccant breather traps any hazardous oil vapors.

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