STAUFF 4PRO replacement filter elements:
Up to 60% longer life!
STAUFF 4PRO replacement filter elements use the latest generation of inorganic glass fiber material to increase the service life of hydraulic systems by up to 60%.

STAUFF 4PRO elements provide
  • High dirt-hold capacity
  • Improved filtering capacity
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Reduced operating costs

  • STAUFF 4PRO filter elements operate at a lower differential pressure, providing better energy efficiency. 4PRO filter elements also offer excellent ß values combined with a good ß-value stability.
    The 4PRO stands for 4 PROs that describe STAUFF glass fiber materials:
  • PROactive
  • PROfessional
  • PROgressive
  • PROtection

  • Built in Reliability
    A common problem with replacement filter elements is that the sensitive filter pleats can be easily damaged in shipping, storage and installation. In addition, large particles in the flow of fluid may block the filter material, reducing its effectiveness.

    To overcome these challenges, 4PRO filter elements feature a protective cover, a thin, perforated plastic sheath that completely encases the pleats of the filter, making the entire element more stable.

    This design distributes the volume flow more evenly, producing an efficient flow rate. In its standard version, the foil sheath is printed with the STAUFF logo, so users know they are getting the full benefits of STAUFF 4PRO technology.

    The Replacement Filter You Need
    STAUFF has more than 10,000 types of filter elements available. To find the right filter for your application, go to

    The STAUFF 4PRO elements are identified by the NUMBER “4” at the send of the STAUFF type designation.

    For more information, email or call 201-444-7800.