Hydraulic Accessories


The consistently improved and expanded STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories product line includes highly engineered and sophisticated components created to meet or exceed the increasing requirements of designing and building tanks, reservoirs, power packs and gear boxes for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications.

Whether you require visual or visual/electrical fluid level and temperature indicators, tank filler breathers in a variety of designs and materials, or desiccant air breathers to protect your reservoir from contamination and moisture, STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories will provide you with the product you need.

The program in completed by suction strainers and diffusors that are positioned within the reservoir and connected directly to the suction and return lines. For challenging applications, STAUFF is able to provide technically modified product versions featuring attributes such as outstanding resistance to external influences (high or low temperatures, aggressive media or UV exposure) or their compact and light-weight design.

STAUFF guarantees prompt service, even for customized solutions according to customer’s specifications or based on our in-house development.

For more information email accessories@stauffusa.com or call 201-444-7800.

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