Hose Connectors


The VOSWINKEL ECOVOS system of hose connectors enables crimping of many different hose types with only one hose insert profile, which results in an immense reduction of endless product varieties. The use of identical parts with ECOVOS means a reduction of individual components by approximately 45 per cent.

ECOVOS+, the mobile interlocking protection from VOSWINKEL, turns standard ECOVOS components into interlock hose connectors in no time at all, thereby saving inventory costs and increasing economical efficiency. For larger requirements, ECOVOS hose connectors with interlocking protection can also be manufactured as single parts with integrated securing rings.

The ECOVOS VA range provides the system of hose connectors in Stainless Steel.

MULTIVOS is the name of the VOSWINKEL range of high-pressure hose connectors which offers customers the opportunity to use two types of hoses (R15 and 4SH) with only one hose insert profile.

POWERVOS is an advanced development of the MULTIVOS range. This product series was designed especially for hammer/breaker operation in construction equipment for use in quarries. POWERVOS is especially designed and constructed using high-performance materials to withstand high impulses. The hose connectors are suitable for use with hose types 4SH/AS and R15/AS.

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