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The STAUFF range of flanges gives you extensive product diversity, whether it is the DIN ISO 6162-1/2 range or SAEJ518 compliant SAE flanges, as well as the range of gear pump flanges.

The standard pressure series of STAUFF SAE flanges contains components for a flange connection with maximum operating pressures from 35 ... 350 bar / 507 ... 5076 PSI. They are available in all nominal sizes between DN13 (1/2”) and DN127 (5”).

STAUFF covers maximum operating pressures of up to 420 bar / 6092 PSI and nominal sizes between DN13 (1/2”) and DN51 (2”) with this high-pressure series.

STAUFF SAE flanges are available as individual flanges without any accessories, or as complete components with gaskets and suitable sets of bolts. A large number of different components are available at all times.

STAUFF SAE flanges are made of high-quality materials. The exact steel quality and the surface treatment are adapted individually to the needs and requirements of the flange. Naturally, all our coated parts have CrVI-free surfaces.

Stainless steel (1.4404/1.4571), alternate gasket materials and higher bolt strengths are also available on request. The STAUFF range of gear pump flanges is used as a supplement for gear-type rotary pumps, motors, and other smaller size pumps. We offer you a wide range of different variations, divided into various sizes and designs, like, for example, a straight or 90° design with 3-hole or 4-hole fastening. It goes without saying that we manufacture our pump flanges from high-quality aterials, and naturally they also have CrVI-free surfaces.

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